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10 Ways to Make $1000 a Month

10+ Ways to Make $1000 a Month
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10+ Ways to Make $1000 a Month

There are many reasons why you would need some extra cash; perhaps you want to pay off loans, invest, or get some things you need. While there is a lot of information on how to make money, you might find it difficult to implement some of these solutions. A lot of resources promise easy or fast money. Let’s be honest, this could be really enticing, but it is misleading. You may not earn thousands of dollars overnight, but we have compiled these methods to help you earn cumulatively up to $1000 every month.

  • • Start a blog. Although generating a lot of traffic after starting a blog might take some time, it would be easy making money from it once you have a reasonable amount of monthly traffic. You can either make money from placing ads, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, or selling products on your site.
  • • Sell services on Fiverr. If you have any skills such as technical writing, website development, graphics design, and so on, you can market these skills on platforms like Fiverr who allow freelancers to find people that need their services. You can find people who need your services and set your rates depending on your expertise. You would only need to work a few extra hours weekly to reach the $1000 monthly goal.
  • • Online and offline tutoring. You could decide to host classes online or privately tutor students in your area who need it. If you are a university student, you could easily find people on your campus who need tutors and offer your services per hour. Online tutoring is just as easy. You can sign up with a tutoring platform and find students there who would pay for your services. For example, Course Hero helps high-school and college students find answers to questions. On average, tutors earn $300 per week on this platform, and that would add up to $1200 per month.
  • • Buying and reselling old items is also a great way to earn extra cash. You can buy used items from thrift stores and resell them at higher prices to make profits and earn money.
  • • Social media advertising. If you have a large social media following or an interactive online community, you can advertise products for vendors per post, multiple times a week at reasonable prices. This is a relatively easy way to earn up to $1000 monthly.
  • • Babysitting. According to ZipRecruiter [1], on average, babysitters make $28 every hour. You would only need to work about 35 hours monthly to reach the $1000 goal. A more hands-on job like nannying would pay more.
  • • Create an online store.
  • • Answer surveys from the comfort of your home.
  • • Teach a language or skill that you are proficient in. You could either do this online or in person. A lot of people pay high hourly rates to learn foreign languages such as Spanish, French, and mandarin. If you can teach any of these languages as a side hustle, it could comfortably help you earn $1000 extra every month.
  • • Mow lawns. Interestingly, you can make up to $50 per lawn when starting. Of course, you could choose to increase your rate with time, depending on your preference. Going by that rate, you would only need to mow 20 lawns monthly, or 5 lawns every week, to make $1000.

You can also make money by walking dogs, subletting your home or a room in your home, taking part in research studies, and freelance writing. Whichever options you decide to work with, remember that these jobs only work with consistency and precision. It is also helpful to do some research about the laws and guidelines that affect certain areas of work in your state or region before proceeding with them.


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